Feb 2016
IFC Provides $90 Million to Banco Itau Paraguay to Expand Access to Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises
February, 03 2016
Paraguay - IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is providing a seven-year $90 million loan to Banco Itau Paraguay S.A., one of the leading banks in Paraguay, to increase access to finance for small and medium enterprises, helping to support the development of a sector that plays a critical role in the Paraguayan economy. ...
Leaping Into the Future: Nigeria's Rural Microfinance Community Gets Connected Using Stellar and Oradian
February, 02 2016
Nigeria - Kim said the aim is to create a kind of open, low-cost version of Western Union, or something like a SWIFT network that these MFIs or local farmers' co-ops can connect to and then transfer money between different branches or entities ...
Competition Could Lift South African Growth and Boost Poverty Alleviation
February, 02 2016
South Africa - In times of weak growth and limited fiscal resources government policies that promote greater domestic competition and improve the regulatory environment could lift growth and support poverty alleviation, says the South Africa Economic Update released by the World Bank today ...
IFC Survey Reveals Key Constraints to Doing Business in Kyrgyzstan
February, 02 2016
Kyrgyzstan - While it is fairly easy to enter the Kyrgyz market and register a company, operating a business and doing it effectively is much less so. A transparent and predictable legal environment is critical to encouraging investment, and the Kyrgyz government should continue to simplify and streamline regulations, specifically in the areas of permits and licensing, the report says ...
EIF and ProCredit Group Signed an Agreement to Boost Access to Finance for Innovative Companies
February, 01 2016
Europe - The European Investment Fund (EIF) and ProCredit group have signed an agreement to boost access to finance for innovative companies, both SMEs as well as small-sized enterprises with average capitalization, within the programme InnovFin - EU funding for Innovators, an initiative supported by the European Commission ...
C. Dunford: Why Microfinance Should Embrace – Not Resist – A New Brand
February, 01 2016
Global - But these rebranding efforts have aimed to create separation from microcredit and its classic theory of change rather than rebranding microcredit itself. This is problematic for two reasons ...

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