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Dec 2009
IFC to Invest $10M in Cygma Fund
December, 30 2009
Hyderabad, India - IFC proposes to invest up to $10 million or 20% of the total fund size (US$6 million in the first closing) in Cygma which will be a ten-year close-ended Luxembourg Fonds Commun de Placement (FCP) fund. The fund’s total capital of $50 million is projected to back up to $500 million of hedge funds portfolio of microfinance investors who seek to invest in local currency markets ...
India: Microfinance Investments Make 2009 a Watershed Year
December, 30 2009
Bangalore, India - The year 2009 may go down as the watershed year for the Indian microfinance industry. Marked by strong growth and pioneering deals the industry is riding high, growing at a rapid pace of 100%-200% year-on-year. ...
India: Bandhan Raises Rs. 500 million of Equity Capital from Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
December, 23 2009
India - Bandhan Financial Services Private Limited (Bandhan), a pan-India microfinance institution headquartered in Kolkata, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its first major round of equity infusion of INR 500,000,000 (Rupees five hundred million – US$ 10.7mn approx), from Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), the principal financial institution for promotion, development and financing of the Micro, small and medium enterprises in India ...
Pakistan: AlHudaCIBE and ASASAH sign MoU to Flourish Islamic Microfinance Products
December, 22 2009
Pakistan - AlHuda CIBE (Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics) signs MoU with ASASAH to render its services for Islamic Microfinance Product Development that is a step forward for the poverty reduction in Pakistan rightly in line with the Islamic regulations. ...
Private Sector Goes into Development Finance
December, 20 2009
United Kingdom - The first tentative moves by western banks and fund managers into microfinance are gathering momentum. Most of the big banks have set up divisions that provide financial services to low-income clients in emerging markets, particularly to those who have or wish to set up businesses ...
EFSE Expanding to Four More Countries of the European Eastern Neighbourhood Region
December, 18 2009
Frankfurt am Main, Germany - - EFSE to Include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Belarus - The European Union and Governments of Germany and Austria Commit Significant Contributions to the European Eastern Neighbourhood Region - EFSE to Provide Financing for 70,000 Micro and Small Enterprise Loans in the New Target Countries ...
India: Microfinance Lenders to Stop Multiple Loans
December, 17 2009
Kolkata, India - Microfinance firms, institutions that give small loans to poor people, have agreed on a voluntary credit code to ensure that the boom in lending to the unbanked does not lead to loan losses ...
Are MFIs’ Portfolios as Strong as They Appear?
December, 16 2009
Washington D.C., United States - The biggest source of risk in most microfinance institutions (MFIs) is the loan portfolio. Unfortunately, the common risk assessment tools—external audits, ratings, and evaluations—usually don’t provide a reliable check for portfolio problems. Sometimes the issue is resources: auditors and raters usually don’t have the time to do thorough portfolio testing. And because they don’t do a lot of portfolio testing, they may not be aware of the most effective diagnostic technique ...
Firms Conclude First Phase of $60m Equity Scheme for Nigeria, Ghana
December, 15 2009
Lagos, Nigeria - Alitheia Capital, in collaboration with Goodwell Investments BV and JCS Investments, yesterday announced the first close of a $60 million (N9 billion) equity fund, focused on microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Nigeria and Ghana ...
New Microfinance Fund Gets Austrian Launch
December, 15 2009
Austria - Erste Bank Group has launched the first microfinance fund in Austria. The new ESPA VINIS Microfinance fund will give investors the opportunity to encourage prosperity and economic development in emerging markets, while making a profit ...
The Performance of LuxFLAG‐Labelled MIVs During the Financial Crisis
December, 14 2009
Luxembourg - LuxFLAG has carried out a report to determine the effect of the recent financial crisis on the Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIVs) labelled by LuxFLAG by tracking the evolution of these MIVs over LuxFLAG’s life (June 2006 to June 2009) ...
USAID-Tijara Working to Overhaul Iraq's Economy
December, 13 2009
Arbil, Kurdistan - While no silver bullet exists for eradicating poverty, access to financial products specifically tailored to low-income individuals has helped to reduce extreme poverty rates by 13% in just seven years in developing countries like Bangladesh, according to the World Bank ...
Bosnia's Banks Must Tackle Bad Loan Rise
December, 11 2009
Sarajevo, Bosnia - Bosnia's commercial banks must tackle a rise in bad loans that will lead them to post losses this year for the first time since the end of the 1992-95 war, central bank governor Kemal Kozaric said on Tuesday. ...
IDB Loan to Support Innovative Social Investments Delivered by Microfinance Institutions
December, 10 2009
Washington, United States - A $5 million loan to help social-oriented fund invest in microfinance institutions that provide access to basic services to vulnerable populations throughout the region ...
SmartAid for Microfinance: Innovative Index Promotes Accountability and Change
December, 09 2009
Washington D.C., United States - Funders’ commitments to microfinance have increased by 24% over the last year. But with growing popularity, microfinance is also facing more scrutiny. Probing questions center around microfinance’s impact on poor people, contribution to economic growth, and whether all that money is going to good use ...
The Poor in Debt: Oikocredit’s Concern in Microfinance
December, 08 2009
Manila, Philippines - The threat of poor entrepreneurs taking on too much loan debt is a growing reality, and a genuine threat to the rapidly expanding microfinance sector. At Oikocredit’s annual staff and board meetings, regional managers who operate in almost 70 different countries, raised concerns over the rate of over-indebtedness in some countries. Those working in the field have witnessed that cases of over-indebtedness are becoming more common. Oikocredit board and staff agreed urgent action is needed and defined an action plan ...
India: Macro Growth in Microfinance
December, 08 2009
India - The poor pay back prompt, ask any microfinance institution. Yet, the dizzy growth of the microfinance industry in recent years — 90 per cent compounded average in the last four years — has fuelled suspicions of infection spreading through its system. ...
EBRD and AccessBank Sign Agreement on Synthetic Loan
December, 08 2009
Baku, Azerbaijan - Today, at the Azerbaijan Investment Summit in London, AccessBank signed the first synthetic AZN loan to be extended by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the bank reported ...
Tanzania: Microfinance Groups Obtain Sh20bn ($15 million) Loan
December, 05 2009
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - The Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility (SELF) has so far dished out Sh21 billion to 228 micro finance groups in the country, the minster for Finance and Economic Affairs said in Dar es Salaam yesterday ...
Tufts’ Microfinance Director Reports Strong Growth for Fund
December, 04 2009
Boston, United States - Tryfan Evans is director of the Omidyar-Tufts Microfinance Fund. He sat down with the Daily to speak about microfinance in general and the investments of Tufts’ fund ...
Micro Insurance Brings Insurance to the Poor
December, 02 2009
Washington, United States - Insurance products are a way of life, protecting companies and people’s interests from cradle to death and alleviating much of the risk that could rise to nightmarish proportions ...
Mali’s Rural Poor Boosted with $25.04 Million for Microfinance
December, 02 2009
Maseru, Lesotho - Mali has received a US$25.04 million loan from IFAD to fund an innovative programme to build on the strengths and successes of existing rural microfinance networks to help them expand their reach and ensure their sustainability over time ...
LeapFrog Invests US$6M in AllLife, Innovative African HIV and Diabetes Insurer
December, 02 2009
London, United Kingdom - LeapFrog Investments has announced a ZAR 50 million (over US$6 million) investment in AllLife, the innovative South African insurer serving people living with HIV and diabetes. The investment brings together LeapFrog, the leading microinsurance investment fund, and AllLife, one of Africa's most innovative insurance businesses. The announcement took place after World AIDS Day. ...
Indonesia: A New Paradigm for Microcredit
December, 01 2009
Jakarta, Indonesia - In his speech at the opening of the recent National Summit, President Yudhoyono laid out a plan to expand the reach of micro-loans programs (KUR) by involving more banks and allocating more money from the state budget to guarantee the loans. He envisioned a Rp 100 trillion (US$10 billion) disbursement of micro-loans in the next five years ...

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