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Dec 2012
Thailand: Putting Migrant Money to Work
December, 24 2012
Thailand - Remittances play a vital economic role in poor countries and could even become an important pool of investment funds. ...
India: Microfinance Defaulters May Find It Tough to Get Fresh Loans
December, 21 2012
India - A defaulter or overleveraged borrower might find it difficult to get credit from microfinance institutions (MFIs). With almost all NBFC-MFIs sharing nearly 100 per cent of the borrowers’ credit history with credit bureaus, borrowers will find it difficult to approach them for loans. ...
Nepal: Yunus Urges MFIs to Create Social Entrepreneurs
December, 21 2012
Nepal - Nepali microfinance institutions (MFIs) have succeeded in expanding access to finance for the poor, but it is not enough as they have to now link microcredit to social business and help generate employment, according to Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus ...
Behavioral Insights to Advance Financial Inclusion -- or Why Swedes Are Not Necessarily Better Human Beings Than Danes
December, 20 2012
Global - Global policymakers, particularly in developing and emerging markets know that inclusive, local financial systems are an important ingredient for social and economic progress. They also know that they need to ensure stability for the system -- consumer protection for the more vulnerable, in particular ...
Kenya: Bankers Body Opens Its Doors to Microbanks
December, 18 2012
Kenya - The Kenya Bankers Association has amended its constitution to admit deposit taking microfinance institutions and the representative offices of foreign banks ...
Bank Of Ghana Shuts Down Seven Micro-Finance Companies
December, 18 2012
Ghana - Seven micro-finance companies in three regions have been closed down by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) for failing to meet licensing requirements, the acting Governor of the BoG, Dr Henry Kofi Wampah, has announced ...
David Woods Named Managing Director At Oikocredit
December, 17 2012
The Netherlands - Social investor and worldwide cooperative Oikocredit has appointed David Woods as its managing director with effect from 1 January 2013 ...
Financial Crime: Risks For New Formal Finance Customers
December, 14 2012
Global - Financial inclusion proponents often react with unease to the topic of financial crime. It is certainly not a topic that is foremost in their minds. There are however a range of financial crimes that may occur in the financial inclusion space ...
Examining The Roles And Future Of Microfinance
December, 12 2012
Global - The lives of the world's poorest have been transformed by offering them access to loans to invest in their own livelihoods. The next step is to integrate such schemes into wider social programmes ...
Microcredit To Increase Three Fold In Kazakhstan
December, 12 2012
Kazakhstan - The amount of microcredits will increase by three and a half times in Kazakhstan the next year. ...
China: Microcredit Schemes Struggling To Aid China's Rural Poor
December, 10 2012
China - Providing small loans to help reduce poverty has been widely successful globally, but various problems hamper similar moves on the mainland. The first investments by a long-awaited fund dedicated to helping the poor through financial services has helped shed light on the huge hurdles still facing microcredit organisations in rural China ...
Switzerland: A Giant Stumbles - Why Did Investors Abandon Blue Orchard?
December, 10 2012
Switzerland - Over the past 18 months, one of the microfinance sector's largest and most prominent funds, Blue Orchard's Dexia Micro-Credit Fund (recently renamed Blue Orchard Microfinance Fund), saw a major outflow of investor capital, with some $268 million or nearly 50% of the fund's peak value having been redeemed. ...
Zimbabwe: New Microfinance Threshold
December, 08 2012
Zimbabwe - THE Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions (Zamfi) has set new minimum capital requirements for microfinance and money-lending institutions, a move meant to ensure that the companies have adequate funds to stimulate local economies by providing finance for small businesses. ...
Kenya: New Fund To Focus On Small Agribusinesses
December, 08 2012
Kenya - Century Deposit Taking Microfinance has launched an open fund focusing on agribusinesses in Kenya. Licensed in October by the Central Bank of Kenya, it will be funded through share capital mobilisation, fund raising from development organisations and partnerships based on credit guarantees ...
India: SKS Microfinance Shares Jump On Loan Deal
December, 07 2012
India - Shares of SKS Microfinance Ltd. 533228.BY -2.34% rose to their highest in nearly 13 months Friday after the company said it has completed the sale of a portfolio of loans worth 544.8 million rupees ($10 million) to a non-bank finance firm ...
Mexico: Marketing Matters - Increasing Microinsurance Coverage Beyond Lowering Prices
December, 06 2012
Mexico - Microinsurance —insurance targeted to the poor through low premiums and/or low coverage limits— is being developed to create a better alternative, and it should in theory be in high demand ...
The Rise And Fall Of Microfinance - Lessons From The Field
December, 05 2012
Global - Is Microfinance getting down? Yes and No. Yes, if we assign to microfinance the improbable role to fight poverty by delegating to lenders and financiers tasks that belong to other actors of the economic development. No, if we stay away from this wrong doing, microfinance will emerge as a powerful factor of the economic and social development ...
International Funding For Microfinance Continues To Grow, Reaches At Least US$25 Billion In 2011
December, 05 2012
Global - International funding for microfinance reached at least $25 billion in 2011, CGAP's Cross-Border Funder Survey shows. The total amount committed has increased over the past five years, though at a slower rate in the last two years: average annualized growth decreased from 17 percent per year between 2007 and 2009 to six percent per year between 2009 and 2011 ...
Azerbaijan Microfinance Association to Consider a Project of a Guarantee Fund for Agricultural Credits in December
December, 04 2012
Azerbaijan - The Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA) has modified its idea of additional risk coverage for agricultural credits, which was previously considered as agricultural credit insurance fund ...
Mastercard Introduces New Business Model For Microfinance in Mexico
December, 04 2012
Mexico - MasterCard, a world leader in payment solutions and technology, introduces the first business model aimed at microfinance institutions ...
Jordan: Microfinance Reforms Draw EU, German Support
December, 02 2012
Jordan - The European Union (EU) is ready to support the state budget with a programme worth 25 million euros over the next three years in light of the achievements made in reforming and developing the country’s microfinance sector, Planning and International Cooperation Secretary General Saleh Kharabsheh said on Sunday ...

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