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Jan 2013
What’s Next? Chris Dunford on Proving the Consumption Smoothing Benefits of Microfinance
January, 30 2013
Global - A new theory of change is emerging for microfinance. People from poor households tap microfinance services to smooth consumption and build assets to protect against risks ahead of time and cope with shocks and economic stress events after they occur—leading to widespread poverty alleviation but not widespread poverty reduction. ...
Microfinance Supports Social Currencies in Brazil
January, 29 2013
Brazil - The social currencies are often restricted to small areas, but they have still helped those neighborhoods build economic bonds together and shape a local, people-driven way forward in the midst of massive macro-economic change ...
Tilman Ehrbeck, CEO, CGAP: Lessons Impact Investing Can Learn From Microfinance
January, 29 2013
Global - The microfinance community learned some important answers the hard way and is still learning. The broader, emerging impact investment community can only benefit from these lessons ...
The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, Citi, and Visa Inc. Launch Financial Inclusion 2020 to Accelerate Universal Financial Access
January, 28 2013
Global - The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, together with Citi and Visa Inc., today announced the launch of the Financial Inclusion 2020 campaign (FI2020). FI2020 is focused on the acceleration of financial inclusion by uniting the private sector, governments, NGOs, and other relevant parties to develop and advance a comprehensive strategy to achieve this aim ...
Nigeria: Capital Requirement: Microfinance Banks Call for Deadline Extension
January, 28 2013
Nigeria - Microfinance banks have urged the Central Bank of Nigeria to extend the deadline given to them to comply with the Revised Microfinance Policy Framework, which prescribes new capital requirements ...
Belarus President Decree On Microfinance Up For Public Hearings
January, 28 2013
Minsk, Belarus - A draft presidential decree on microfinance has been worked out in Belarus. The text of the document has been published by the website of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and is available for public hearings ...
Deepening Financial Inclusion In West Africa
January, 25 2013
West Africa - A few weeks ago the Central Bank of the eight countries of the West Africa Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU), BCEAO, shared the good news that in the last five years the banked population in the region increased by more than 5% from 9% in 2006 to 14.3% at the end of 2011 ...
Elisabeth Rhyne, Center for Financial Inclusion: Client Protection and Microfinance - Crossing a Threshold
January, 24 2013
Global - The global microfinance industry realized a significant and long-awaited goal this week with the introduction of Client Protection Certification as promoted by the Smart Campaign ...
IFC to Open Microfinance Institution in Burma
January, 23 2013
Burma - The International Finance Corporation announced on Wednesday that it will be setting up a new microfinance institution in Burma ...
What's Next: Financial Access in 2013
January, 22 2013
Global - The microfinance space has never been a dull place. As the tumult of the last few years—debates about effectiveness, industry crises and crashes in several countries—seemingly dies down, it’s a good time to speculate about what’s next. ...
Switzerland: BlueOrchard Appoints Peter Fanconi as CEO
January, 22 2013
Switzerland - From Wednesday 23, BlueOrchard AG have new chief. The Board of Directors has appointed Peter A. Fanconi as the firm's new CEO. The 46 year-old Swiss national has an performance record in the international finance sector ...
Pakistan: ‘Microfinance Banks Key Players in Enhancing Financial Inclusion Process’
January, 22 2013
Pakistan - Microfinance banks have emerged as key players in enhancing the process of financial inclusion in Pakistan; however, the lack of funding resources, capacity-building and product innovation remains the major challenges for the microfinance banking industry, said experts ...
Mozambique: Is Impact Investment The Answer for Agribusiness?
January, 21 2013
Mozambique - Mozambique is attracting increased interest and both traditional and impact investment as the government improves its track record ...
‘Financial Inclusion’ Mooted as UN Goal
January, 21 2013
United Kingdom - One of the world’s biggest banks is calling on David Cameron, the UK prime minister, to consider the importance of “financial inclusion”, as world leaders examine replacements for the UN Millennium Development Goals. ...
Scotiabank to Increase Small Loans in Mexico
January, 18 2013
Mexico - Bank of Nova Scotia says it can boost small loans in Mexico as much as 20 percent in a push for business in Latin America, where lending margins are double the Canadian average. ...
Tajikistan: Imon International Gets 29 Million Tajik Somoni for Microfinance
January, 17 2013
Tajikistan - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is continuing to support microfinance and local currency lending in Tajikistan by providing a 29 million somoni 4-year loan to IMON International - one of the largest microfinance institutions in Tajikistan. ...
Microfinance and Patriarchy: 'A Drift Away from Serving Women'
January, 16 2013
Global - The results indicate that a business-friendly economic climate has the potential to undermine" microfinance's goal of empowering women, and that this effect is "amplified in patriarchal countries where the need for lending to women is greatest. ...
IFC, GAFSP Invest $10 million in Root Capital to Support Small Farmers in Africa
January, 15 2013
Africa - IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and the private sector window of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) will invest $5 million each in Root Capital to help expand access to working capital and markets for 300,000 farmers over the next four years ...
Microfinance, Self-Employment to Curb Poverty, Says IFC
January, 13 2013
Global - The world needs to create 600 million new jobs to support a surging population and yet, there are currently 200 million unemployed (mostly women and young people living in developing countries), said the IFC ...
India: Road to Redemption
January, 12 2013
India - India’s microfinance sector was once touted as a saviour of the poor and a good bet for investors. ...
The Arab Spring: An Opportunity For Financial Inclusion?
January, 09 2013
Middle East and North Africa - While regulatory developments are often regrettably slow in the region, 2012 marked the kick-off of policy changes at the regional and national levels ...
Mobile Money Comes To Ethiopia
January, 09 2013
Ethiopia - Ethiopia lags far behind its East African neighbours in the development of its telecommunications sector and the services, such as mobile money banking, that the system now routinely provides elsewhere. ...
Chinese Microcredit Firms Lend 600 Bln Yuan
January, 08 2013
China - Chinese microcredit companies reported 600 billion yuan ($96.31 billion) in outstanding loans by the end of last year, up 52 percent year on year ...
Kazakhstan: 2013 Will Be Time of Changes for Microfinance Organizations
January, 08 2013
Kazakhstan - In 2013 the market of microfinance organizations will see a number of changes connected with the adoption of the new law on microfinance organizations. ...
Sri Lanka: LOLC Micro Credit Secures US $ 55.5 mn Syndicated Loan
January, 08 2013
Sri Lanka - Revolutionizing the Sri Lankan microfinance industry, LOLC Micro Credit Ltd, (LOMC) secured the largest syndicated loan of US $ 55.5 mn for the first time in Sri Lanka. ...
Impact Investors Ready to Open the Spigot
January, 07 2013
Global - J.P. Morgan and GIIN' study projects $9 Billion committed for impact investing in 2013 ...
Micro Finance Service Providers’ Lending Interest Rate Capped at 42% by Bank of Zambia
January, 03 2013
Zambia - The Bank of Zambia has with immediate effect introduced a cap on the effective annual lending interest rates that licensed non-bank financial institutions can charge their customers ...
A Review of Financial Inclusion 2012: Aligning for Real Progress
January, 02 2013
Global - Our collective efforts to advance financial access for the poor made good progress last year ...
Thailand: The Biggest Microlender of Them All
January, 01 2013
Thailand - There are an estimated 120,000 microfinance initiatives worldwide but Thailand’s “Village and Urban Revolving Fund” lends more money to more people than any other ...

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