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Aug 2013
Tanzania: NMB Launches New Product to Ease Services to Customers
August, 30 2013
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - National Microfinance Bank (NMB) has launched special institutional and notice investment accounts, a new product which will provide customers with simplified banking services coupled with more benefits of using financial facilities ...
A Boost for Microfinance in the Arab World
August, 29 2013
MENA - As the World Bank MENA financial sector flagship report points out, the microfinance sector in the region is still small. Microcredit accounts for just 0.2 percent of the region’s Gross Domestic Product. Lending by microfinance providers reaches only 1.8 percent of the adult population, half the rate of South Asia or Latin America and the Caribbean ...
The Synergy Potential of Financial and Energy Inclusion
August, 28 2013
Global - United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently called upon the international community to commit to a new groundbreaking initiative seeking Sustainable Energy for All (SE4A) by the year 2030. At MicroEnergy International (MEI) we have been working towards this goal since 2002 by supporting microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the process of developing and providing "green microloans" ...
Jean-Marc Debricon, Executive Director, Green Shoots Foundation: Rethinking Microfinance's Role in Fight Against Poverty
August, 28 2013
Global - Is microfinance ideal? No. Can we scientifically prove that it works? That remains difficult. But one thing is more certain, by enabling the impoverished to see themselves as “worthy”, we restore what poverty had snatched away from them, their dignity. And, if anything, microfinance should be praised for that ...
India: Rupee Depreciation Clogs PE Exit Routes in MFIs
August, 28 2013
India - Nearly 5 years after the boom, unexpected rupee depreciation and lack of investment opportunities have clogged exit routes for PE firms ...
The Consequences of Impact Investing on Philanthropy
August, 27 2013
Global - As the investment culture expands from simply the bottom line of profit to an increased focus on the triple bottom line (social, environment and profit), philanthropy will continue to be an essential catalyst in unlocking the potential of impact investing ...
Ghana: State to Support Micro-finance Firms
August, 26 2013
Ghana - The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Seth Tekper, has called for micro finance institutions to be included in the support framework of the Export Development and Agriculture Investment Fund (EDAIF), in order to widen the pool of funds available to micro finance companies to source capital for onward lending to micro enterprises ...
New Ideas Put Agriculture Co-operatives at the Heart of Rural Development
August, 26 2013
Global - One significant constraint that some co-operatives have addressed is access to finance, a service without which small producers cannot increase their productivity or move out of poverty ...
Bangladesh Comes Second in Financial Inclusion in South Asia
August, 25 2013
Bangladesh - Bangladesh stands second among South Asian nations in ensuring access to financial services for its citizens, a recent study found ...
AMUCSS in Mexico: Agricultural Insurance for Small Producers
August, 23 2013
Mexico - Mexican agricultural production provides most of the food consumed in the country. ...
Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion: a Case for Poverty Reduction in the Middle East and North Africa?
August, 23 2013
MENA - With no access to financial services, many of the poor in MENA will continue to be trapped in poverty with little to no chance of escaping it in the foreseeable future ...
Financial Inclusion Now
August, 21 2013
Malyasia - Oppressive, blanket regulation, which may be necessary in complex and unpredictable financial markets, may not be relevant in a rural community – or, worse, it may stifle efforts to promote financial inclusion ...
India: Cure the Disease, Don’t Kill Patients
August, 21 2013
India - While the ban on microfinance was initiated by policymakers in Andhra Pradesh under the claim that this would help poor people, it seems to have done the opposite. ...
Jamaica: DBJ Disburses $1.2 Billion to MSME Sector in 2012
August, 19 2013
Jamaica - Mr. Matalon argued that the MSMEs and entrepreneurs are the primary engine in many instances for economic growth and job creation, but these sectors can do very little without appropriate financing ...
Nigeria: CBN Launches N220b MSME Fund, To Disburse at 9%
August, 16 2013
Nigeria - The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) finally launched the much awaited N220 billion Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development Fund yesterday, saying it would disburse the money at interest rate of no more than nine per cent per annum to microfinance banks for on-lending to the micro and small businesses ...
Is Microfinance Losing Its Appeal?
August, 16 2013
Global - People shouldn't lose faith in microfinance but rather seek to improve the industry and protect the poor from potential exploitation (exorbitant interest rates). ...
Cambodia: Sathapana Borrows $15m for Micro Loans
August, 15 2013
Cambodia - Cambodian microfinance institution (MFI) Sathapana Limited will receive $15 million in loans to provide additional support to small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), which make up the vast majority of the country’s businesses ...
Paul Brest & Kelly Born: When Can Impact Investing Create Real Impact?
August, 15 2013
Global - This article is addressed to impact investors who wish to know whether their investments will actually contribute to achieving their social or environmental (hereafter, simply “social”) objectives. We introduce three basic parameters of impact: enterprise impact, investment impact, and nonmonetary impact. ...
World Bank Wants Sub-Saharan African Banks to Serve SMEs More
August, 13 2013
Africa - Small and Medium Scale enterprises, SMEs, are more credit-constrained than large firms in developing economies including Sub-Saharan Africa, the World Bank has said ...
Alejandro Drexler, University of Texas at Austin and Antoinette Schoar, MIT Sloan School of Management: Do Relationships Matter? Evidence from Loan Officer Turnover
August, 12 2013
Global - Overall the results in the study support the view that personal relationships are crucial to reduce credit constraints and improve entrepreneurs’ incentives to repay. ...
Global Microfinance Market 2016: Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast Research Report
August, 12 2013
USA - Global Microfinance market to grow at a CAGR of 16.61% percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increased focus on the untapped markets ...
Susan Thomas, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research: Micro-Finance Ban Hurts the Poor
August, 09 2013
India - Our results suggest a fairly large negative impact of the ban on micro-finance. While the ban was initiated by policymakers in AP under the claim that this would help poor people, it has hurt everyone. ...
Dr Mirjam Staub-Bisang, Independent Capital Management: Public Pension Funds - Sustainable Investment Pioneers
August, 08 2013
Global - Sustainable investment strategies tend to show their superior return potential over the long term, as is shown by numerous studies and most recently by a study of the Harvard Business School where the share price performance of 180 companies was analysed over 18 years. ...
Kyrgyzstan Adopts a Law to Restrict Usurious Activities
August, 08 2013
Kyrgyzstan - From now on, the NBKR will regulate the activities of micro-credit companies, pawnshops and individuals engaged in money lending. ...
Bangladesh Denies Plan to Take Over Grameen Bank
August, 08 2013
Bangladesh - The Bangladesh government said it won’t take control of micro-lender Grameen Bank, unexpectedly going against a government commission that recommended it raise its stake in the company ...
India: Private Equity Funds to Buy Stake in Janalakshmi Financial Services for Rs 350 Crore
August, 08 2013
India - A consortium of private equity (PE) funds including Tata Capital's PE fund and Morgan Stanley Global Private Equity will pick up a significant minority stake in urban microlender Janalakshmi Financial Services for close to Rs 350 crore, signaling confidence in the long-term potential of the microfinance industry after being shattered by the financial crisis in Andhra Pradesh ...
Bangladesh:Takeover Plan for Microlending Pioneer Grameen Spurs Anger
August, 05 2013
Bangladesh - The government is set to announce a plan to take control of globally praised microlender Grameen Bank, drawing criticism from the supporters of its Nobel Prize-winning founder and raising questions about the motivation behind the move ...
India: RBI Turns Down Microlenders' Request for Another Debt Recast
August, 05 2013
India - Five heavily indebted microlenders are on the verge of defaulting on loan repayments after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) rejected a lobby group request to restructure their borrowings for a second time ...
Nigeria: Achieving Vision 20-2020 Through Financial Inclusion
August, 04 2013
Nigeria - By the year 2020, the Federal Government of Nigeria hopes to have included 80 per cent of its adult population in the financial sector, both formal and informal, with all of them having access to one financial service or the other. This is one of the goals of the Vision 20-2020 of the country which aims at putting Nigeria in the list of the top 20 economies in the world ...
Asset Transfers for (Pre-) Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Chile
August, 01 2013
Chile - The original theory of microcredit was that it offered the opportunity for poor households to create profitable microenterprises. But there were always households left behind—those that were too poor to create a microenterprise or plausibly repay even the very small loans on offer. ...

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