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Jul 2007
United Kingdom, July, 09 2007 - Software developer AESX Platforms AVV plans to announce the creation of MFDAQ, a capital trading exchange for the share capital of microfinance institutions (MFIs).

The announcement will take place at the Microfinance Conference at the London Stock Exchange on July 13, 2007.

Founded in February 2006, AESX specializes in the creation of software applications that construct virtual stock exchanges for niche markets to trade their businesses’ share capital: micro exchanges. The software manages a micro exchange’s administration, reporting, and trade settlement. Comdaq Ltd., AESX’s partner, manages the technical programming of AESX’s software. MFDAQ will become AESX’s seventh developed micro exchange—joining the Aruba Stock Exchange, Private Placement Exchange, Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange, Micro Electronic Exchange, Caribbean Bond Exchange, and UK Development Exchange—linking the microfinance sector to a new source of investment.

MFDAQ, AESX’s first micro exchange exclusively for MFIs’ capital trading, will allow MFIs a new source of investment. MFDAQ’s website will post further information on the microfinance capital exchange as further news develops. Colin Howard, Chairman of Comdaq Ltd., and Jan Lamboo, Managing Director of AESX are the primary contacts for the MFDAQ project.

Source : MicroCapital

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