Community Wireless Training in Nigeria

Mar 2007
Nigeria, March, 12 2007 - The training of Fantsuam Foundation's Wireless Community Network Team took place the 19 Feb - 5 Mar 2007 in Kafanchan, Nigeria. A two week long training workshop in Wireless Communications was conducted by IT +46 in order to support Fantsuam Foundation in their process of building up a rural wireless ISP in Kafanchan.

Fantsuam Foundation, located in Kafanchan, is a non profit organization aimed at pioneering gender and youth focused on micro finance and ICT services and development in rural communities of Nigeria.

Kafanchan is a town of approx. 40,000 people located 200 km east of Abuja in central Nigeria. The area is poorly connected in terms of telephony and Internet connectivity. Today, no fix telephony is available and GSM just arrived to the town in 2005. Still now in 2007, the quality of the GSM network is low and users experience frequent cut-offs and long delays in their conversations.

The only option to Internet connectivity is via satellite communication. With the wireless network at Fantsuam, Fantsuam Foundation will become the first Internet Service Provider in Kafanchan.

The interest in the wireless network from the community is huge. Potential partners in Kafanchan and its surroundings are many. To mention a few on the waiting list are the hospitals and health clinics, schools, churches, Internet cafés, commercial businesses and individuals.

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Source : IT +46 website

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