Conference: Investing Private Capital in Emerging and Frontier Market SMEs

Sep 2007
Geneva, Switzeland, September, 14 2007 - The 2nd Geneva Private Capital Symposium focuses on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) investment in emerging markets as a viable and often overlooked investment option. The Symposium makes the business case for investing private capital in emerging and frontier market SMEs. It will showcase today's leading investment vehicles and business models for SME financing and prove how such vehicles are making it easier to invest in this segment.

The critical importance of SMEs and the financing shortage.

SMEs are the principle generator of new jobs, innovation, and economic activity; they are catalysts for progress all over the world. But emerging market SME growth and sustainability is constrained by a shortage of both debt and equity financing, often coupled with laws and regulations that restrain rather than foster entrepreneurship. Access to finance for emerging market SME remains very limited.

SME Finance a growing segment of the financial industry

Financing SMEs can be profitable; typically loans are higher-margined than corporate loans compensating for the perceived higher risk of lending to SMEs. At a time when private equity and hedge fund concentration is driving investment returns down in the developed world, investors are showing a growing interest in exploring opportunities in previously untapped markets.

The 2nd Geneva Private Capital Symposium will highlight issues such as:

- Equity and debt finance;

- Regulatory frameworks;

- Investment vehicles currently available;

- Risk management.

A networking platform

The symposium brings together leading actors of SME financing to address financial supply and demand factors, risks and returns and regulatory issues. The Symposium constitutes a platform to establish links between banks, corporations, fund and asset managers, private and public investors involved in SME financing.


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