Inter-American Development Bank: Honduras to Launch Ciudad Mujer with IDB Support

Oct 2016
Honduras , October, 19 2016 - The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved two loans totaling $20 million to implement the Ciudad Mujer program in Honduras.

Loans totaling $20 million to improve living conditions for Honduran women

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved two loans totaling $20 million to implement the Ciudad Mujer program in Honduras. The loans, together with a $460,000 grant, will finance technical support needed to adapt the model created in El Salvador - and implemented at four centers located in the departments of Francisco Morazán, Cortés, Olancho and Atlántida - to Honduras' reality and needs.

The project, managed by the Development and Social Inclusion Secretariat, seeks to improve Honduran women's living conditions in areas such as workplace participation, sexual and reproductive health, violence prevention and care, and teen pregnancy prevention. It also aims to improve socio-economic opportunities for underage women at risk of irregular migration and for returned women-an initiative supported by the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle.

In spite of progress achieved in the field of gender, Honduras still faces major challenges. The country has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Latin America and the Caribbean (24 percent) and the lowest workplace participation rate for women (43.1 percent). Additionally, it has one of the world's highest femicide rates.

The Ciudad Mujer program will bring together under the same roof 15 public institutions that provide specialized services classified in six modules: economic autonomy, sexual and reproductive health, care for female victims of violence, attention to teens, collective education, and care for boys and girls under 12 years of age while their mothers are receiving these services.

Honduras thus joins the Dominican Republic and El Salvador in seeking IDB financial support to implement integrated care services for women. The efficacy of the Ciudad Mujer model is has been validated by an impact evaluation conducted in El Salvador, where the IDB found that a year after the operation was launched, 43 percent more women, on average, were using these public services compared with women who did not visit the centers.

The IDB lending consists of a $12 million loan from its Ordinary Capital at a LIBOR-based interest rate and a $8 million loan from its Fund for Special Operations, at 0.25 percent rate pf interest.

Source : 4-traders

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