Li Peilin, Vice president, CASS: The Development of Microcredit Can Promote Publ...

Dec 2015
China, December, 02 2015 - On the China Microfinance Union-sponsored 2015 China Microfinance Forum, Li Peilin, vice president of CASS, said the central policy guidelines and the people in joint efforts, microfinance and inclusive financial undertakings will make further achievements.

Development of inclusive finance, particularly the development of micro-credit loans, can provide development opportunities for poor low-income groups, to promote the " public venture , the highly innovative."

Li Peilin, said that microfinance is an internationally recognized as an effective poverty reduction, the weak financial way, in our country has gone through 20 years of testing, promotion and innovation. Chinese microfinance from the original "spark", now developed into a "prairie fire." China Microfinance Alliance membership from 10 years ago, dozens of development to nearly 200 current Members from the very beginning type only MFIs members of social organizations, to the current covers all types of work to promote microfinance Inclusive finance and institutional members. Development of inclusive finance, help to solve the problem of more than 7,000 million people out of poverty and improve their living conditions, and then for the 2002 overall goal of building a moderately prosperous society to make a contribution.

Source : Stunning View

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