Moroccan Banking Access Reached 71% by June 2017

Nov 2017
Morocco, November, 27 2017 - The rate of bancarization reached 71 percent in June against 69 percent six months ago, according to the latest indicators of the banking system provided by Bank Al-Maghrib.

The number of ATMs also increased in the last six months, to 6.309 versus 6.283 in December 2016. Bank density, measured by the number of inhabitants per counter, has increased to 5,500 instead of 5,400 six months ago.

Bank Al-Maghrib also pointed out that the Moroccan banking system remains composed of 83 institutions including 19 banks, six offshore banks, 33 finance companies, 13 microcredit associations, and 10 intermediary companies in the field of funds transfer.

Regarding the concentration of banks according to the status of the shareholding, Bank Al-Maghrib’s data revealed a pre-eminence of banks with a main Moroccan private capital. These hold 53.4 percent of counters, 67.6 percent of assets, 67.2 percent of deposits, and 65 percent of loans.

On the other hand, the analysis of the deposit structure shows a predominance of accounts payable which represent 61.2 percent followed by term deposits with 18 percent and savings accounts with 17 percent. By type of loan, long-term loans lead with 35.4 percent followed by short-term credits with 31.7 percent and medium-term credits with 25.4 percent.

Regarding activity and profitability, Bank Al-Maghrib reports a total balance sheet of MAD 1.272 billion up by 10.6 percent, a cumulative customer deposits of MAD 869 billion with a 4.3 percent, a net banking income of MAD 24.4 billion, and a net profit of MAD 6.5 billion.

At the end of June 2017, outstanding loans reached MAD 62.8 billion up by 3.1 percent, which resulted in a decrease of delinquency rate of 7.5 percent from MAD 7.7 billion at the end of June 2016. Financing companies have also seen their activity indicators improve with equity of MAD 10.7 billion up by 3.5 percent and a total balance sheet of MAD 108.3 billion up by 4.7 percent. Their cumulative GNP rose by 3.4 percent to MAD 3 billion, and their net profit remained stable at MAD 0.9 billion.

The microcredit associations recorded a 14.3 percent decline in their net income to MAD 120 million, despite the persistence of credit dynamics, with a 3.5 percent rise in outstandings to MAD 6.6 billion on a total balance sheet of MAD 7.5 billion, up 3.1 percent from June 2016.


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