Report: MBK Ventura Ranked #1 in 2008 MIX Global 100 Composite

Dec 2008
Washington D.C., United States, December, 22 2008 - MIX released the 2008 MIX Global 100 Composite, its annual report ranking the top 100 MFIs throughout the developing world. Indonesia's MBK Ventura achieved the number one spot for the first year.

MIX uses a metholodology based on profitability, outreach, efficiency and transparency to present a picture of well rounded MFI performance.  However, as Blaine Stephens, MIX COO notes, "For an MFI to improve aspects of performance, priorities have to be set and as a result, often times trade-offs are made.  For instance, is an MFI manager willing to sacrifice portfolio quality when rapidly increasing outreach? These are difficult decisions that MFIs face every day, and we hope that this report helps begin the conversation about what a successful MFI looks like, and how others can succeed."

This years number one ranked MBK Ventura operates in a large market, and has grown rapidly to expand access to microenterprise loans throughout the region.  At the same time, it led the sector in terms of decreasing costs to clients by reducing transaction costs, minimizing profit margins and maintaining high portfolio quality.

To download the report and rankings click the link below. 


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