Report: Sustainable Banking

Jun 2009
London, United Kingdom, June, 04 2009 - A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has come to sustainable banking. The credit crunch and collapse of the structured products market have turned much accepted financial wisdom on its head. The world has gained a new appreciation for long-term risk, and regulators around the globe seek to impose new standards on institutions they supervise.

This special report includes the following eleven articles:

Economic crisis sows seeds of change
Sustainability may be a winner in the fallout from the global credit crunch, writes Brooke Masters

Cost-cutting: Leading banks reap benefit of environmental agendas
The rewards for thinking green can be considerable, says Sarah Murray

Opportunities: Big institutions learn to think small
Developed countries have good reasons to look at the developing world, says Mike Scott

Dangers: Credit crunch holds many key lessons for the future
Banks can benefit from the chaos – if they know what to avoid, says Mike Scott

Asa: Maoism to microfinance: a journey of hope
David Chazan profiles last year’s winner of the award for Banking at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Investors: Institutions lead the way in investments
Socially responsible funds have held up well in the crisis, says Deborah Brewster

Lars Thunell: IFC foresees a bigger role in wake of global crisis
The International Finance Corporation chief talks to Tom Braithwaite

Guest column: Value of awards shines in the gloom
The continuing effort of the industry to develop more sustainable practices amid the biggest global economic crisis since the second world war should be cause for optimism, writes John Willman

Viewpoint: Green risks and rewards – grounds for optimism
The global finance sector needs to not just manage climate risk, but unlock the economic opportunities presented by climate change, writes Steve Howard

Age of scarcity: Resource shortages yield investment opportunities
Environmental and population shifts need to be understood, writes Mike Scott

Banco Real: Brazilian lender focuses on both profit and growth

Source : Financial Times

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