Swaziland: Micro Finance Partners with Tinkhundla Ministry

Jul 2015
Swaziland, July, 17 2015 - In an effort to instil an entrepreneurial culture among ordinary people especially in the rural areas, the Micro Finance Unit has partnered with the ministry of Tinkhundla administration and development.

The unit is doing this to make sure that almost every Swazi is financially included. 

This means making it possible for every Swazi, including those economically less privileged, to access financial assistance to start their businesses wherever they are in the country.

Micro Finance Unit Communications Manager Mandla Matsenjwa stated that it was in their plans to form a partnership with the ministry. 


“Those we want to help are in the communities which are under the 55 Tinkhundla we have in Swaziland, so we saw it fit to partner with the ministry responsible for the Tinkhundla, where our target populace is,” Matsenjwa said.

Matsenjwa went on to make an example, saying as Micro Finance Unit, they were a vehicle transporting development to the people who were found in the various Tinkhundla. 

He said the ministry would help provide a route for them to reach the people so that they could help them. Speaking to this publication on Wednesday, Matsenjwa said they were already implementing their partnership with the ministry. 

“This week, we are at Siphofaneni where we are teaching women on business and entrepreneurship so that they can start businesses and get out of poverty,” he said. 

Matsenjwa said their intention was to go to all the Tinkhundla centres to empower ordinary Swazis on business and finance issues. 

Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development Community Development Training Officer Cebisile Ginindza, said partnering with the Micro Finance Unit was the right step for the ministry. 

She said the ministry had different funds meant to empower ordinary people in the communities. 

“The ministry has different funds so the Micro Finance Unit will help us in teaching people on how to start and run businesses using the resources at their disposal,” Ginindza said.


She went on to say what they were advocating for, as a ministry, was for Royal Kraals (Imiphakatsi) to develop and provide many services to citizens and also be in a state where they could even attract tourists. 

It would then be good for citizens to then find ways of growing and developing their own economies.

Ginindza said should join the Micro Finance Unit them so they could help in economically empowering the people. 

“They teach people how to start businesses and then teach them on the type of business they could operate,” she said.


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